Corporate Headquarters
Kunj Biotech LLC.
44 Hersha Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17102-2241
Phone: 717-657-3965
Fax: 717-540-5673
Human Resources
6385 Flank Drive, Suite 300
P.O. Box 126537
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: 717-805-8129
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Kiran Patel CEO 717-540-5679 717-540-5673
2 Sairam Rudrabhatla, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Biology in the Department of Environmental Engineering. 717-948-6560 717-728-6936 717-948-6580
3 Nilkamal Karelia, Ph.D Research Scientist 717-315-7049
4 Harshwardhan Bal, Ph. D Research Scientist
5 Shashi Kumar, Ph. D Research Scientist ICGEB +91-11-26741358/26742357 ext. 185
6 Vaidehi Dave HR 717-805-8129
7 Deepkamal Karelia Research Assistant 717-315-7050
8 Ashish Syal System Analyst 717-395-6869


Kunj Biotech LLC receives its first Research Grant on Metabolic Engineering of Algae in joint collaboration with International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) supported by National Science Foundation-Partnerships for Innovation Project (NSF PFI-ITN). MORE...


New Biofuel Lab at Penn State Harrisburg

Kunj is also supporting the creation of Penn State Harrisburg's new plant Biotechnology Research and Teaching Facility by the generous donations that which will enable the college to built a 3500 Square Foot Green House. MORE...



Phase I of the Multi-Phase Project, to expand studies in plant genetical engineering. The implications of which could lead to new energy sources, healthier food supplies, and clues for treating human disease. MORE...